Thanks, Alienation

January 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Thanks, Alienation.

Thanks for making loneliness look like a young, middle school girl who is separated from the entire cafeteria filled with people because no one ever wanted to make friend with the young girl.

Alienation doesn’t even walk into the huge cafeteria. Alienation couldn’t even make it out of the library where she spends most of her day. She stayed stationary in the small corner of the library where no one could see her. Alienation is a girl who recently lost her sister, her only friend to a fatal car accident. Her sister was driving to the girl’s school to pick her up early so they could go on a lunch date like they normally do. But that day was different, it was cold and icy outside. Her sister died immediately on impact. The girl texted her sister to confirm that they were still on for lunch, which she believes caused the accident. Alienation couldn’t even surround herself with loved ones so they could all grief together, she stayed alone because she blamed herself.

Alienation was a young adult who was singled out and abandoned throughout her life. Nobody ever tried or desired to include her in anything. Alienation is shrunken, so nobody notices her. Alienation feels like she’s drowning when she’s surrounded by a sea of people walking down the street. Alienation embraces isolation and makes it her new home.

Alienation is detachment, loneliness, distant, disregard, and isolation wrapped all in one like a present with a bow on top. Alienation is always feeling like you should be there or you should be involved in this but you never are.

The author's comments:

Throughout my entire life i've always felt alienated because I moved around so much. 

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