The Break MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I rush to get to the stream after lunch so I can have as much time as possible to enjoy being outdoors. As I slam my heel down on the icebound stream, the small glacier shatters and icy water splashes up on my sneakers. The frigid water floats down until it meets a dam of rocks. I move a little higher up the stream and choose another place to strike. This time only a sliver breaks off so I kick it again and the ice pack splits into three different pieces. I am taking a chance on getting wet, but I love the sound and feel of the cracking icefield.

I walk up and down the stream looking for the most likely place to break off more of the glacier. I find the perfect spot next to the bank of the stream. I sit, embrace myself, then lift my foot up slowly and force it down with all my strength. I look at the frozen block with hope, but I don't see a single crack. Frustrated, I stand up and walk out on the solid stream and start jumping up and down. All of a sudden my right foot goes directly through the crusty surface. In astonishment, I yank my foot out of the freezing water and try to grab for the shore. At that moment, I slip on the wintry bank and my other foot breaks through to the water. I carefully stand up and slowly pick my way to the bank in fear of falling in again.

I limp to the door of the school and step inside. I immediately take off my sneakers and socks. I pour the water out of my shoes into a nearby waste basket and hang my socks on a coat hook in the hall for them to dry. I only have until class begins for my things to dry (which is not enough time). I reluctantly take my socks off the coat hook and reach for my waterlogged sneakers. I slowly put on my wet socks, sending chills up my spine. As I force my foot into my sneaker, water squishes at the bottom of the shoe. I stop to think for a second that maybe the fun did not outweigh the consequences. I will have to suffer the rest of the day with cold feet! n

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i love this so much!


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