Don't Judge

December 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Even though people might look different from others, don’t judge them. Some of the best people could appear to look bad or unpleasing. But until you really get to know them you don’t know what they are really like.

In the book Wonder people judge August (Auggie) the main character and don’t talk to him because of what he looks like. Inside,  Auggie is adventurous, funny person. People judge him and do not get to know him. If kid’s really got to know him and talk to him they would probably be good friends.

In the movie Pitch Perfect there is character named “Fat Amy”. At the beginning Chloe and Aubrey the leaders think Amy is not the person they would be looking for because of Amy's appearance . At first Aubrey and Chloe are surprised that she showed up because of how she looks. Once she starts singing Chloe and Aubrey are surprised of Amy’s talents. A little later on in the movie Amy is part of the Acapella squad.

I have a many blonde friends. Some people believe that if you are blonde you can be smart or athletic. In reality it is just a lie. In my opinion I believe it is a worldwide rumor. All of them are in Advanced math and are intelligent. I’m pretty sure my friends prove that the rumor is a flat lie.

I have always wondered why people judge from what their appearance is. If we all could get to know someone before we judge there would not be so much hate in the world. Just because someone's appearance doesn't mean they are what you think they are.

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