All About The Weather: April Climate Report For Boston MAG

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   Normal daily maximum temperatures rise from 51 E on April 1 to 62 E on the 30th. The record high for the month was 94 E on April 18, 1976, and the record low was 11 E on April 5, 1874. There are three days in the month in which it may go below 32 EF, but twelve days were recorded in April, 1879.

When most people think of April, they probably think of sunny, warm days. However, there has yet to be a snowless April. Normal snowfall for the month is 0.9 inches, but 28.3 fell in April, 1874, and as little as a trace was recorded in 1984. The most snow to fall in 24 hours was 13.2 inches on April 6-7, 1982. Normal rainfall for the month is 3.73 inches. (Think of an inch of rain as a heavy overnight rainstorm.) The most rain we ever got in Boston for April was 9.14 inches in 1904 and the least was .93 in 1892.

Also this month we celebrate the 56 year anniversary of the world wind speed record. On April 12, 1934 the weather station on the summit of Mount Washington, N.H., recorded a peak gust of 231 mph. When this happened, the five minute average wind speed was 188 mph. Remarkably, the instruments survived and are now on display at the museum on the summit.n

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