Terror In The Soda Can MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Screams of sheer delight or anger, loud joyful singing and bangs caused by running and jumping could be heard on a daily basis from the McNamara home. Although not always, most often these sounds camefrom Meghan McNamara, the youngest and without a doubt the liveliest McNamara.

On a rather hot morning two years ago, screams of fright were heard by our neighbors and their neighbors and their neighbors. These sounds were caused by what seemed like a simple task: pick up a can of soda and drink from it. Here's the catch.... ants! Tiny, itsy, itsy sweet ants. The kind that would love a nice warm can of soda which was accidently left on the counter all night after being half emptied.

When Meghan came into the kitchen, she spotted the can of soda and being five years old she did not think drinking soda for breakfast was anything unusual or disgusting.

"Mom, I'm gonna drink this soda on the counter."

"No, Meghan! Wait! Stop! The ants! That's been out all night!"

Before Meghan's mother, who had just gotten out of the shower, could wrap a towel around herself it was too late.


Brad and Erin McNamara jumped off the couch where they had been watching cartoons on T.V.

"Ants! Ants! Ants! AHHHHH! " This was followed by many more screams and a great deal a crying.

When Meghan's mother cameover to Meghan, she did not think the ants could have possibly gone down into Meghan's throat or stomach. She was soon proved wrong when Meghan opened her mouth the ants were actually walking on her tongue like a group of scared lost children.

Between cries of fear and disgust from Meghan, the dog barking, Erin and Brad trying to help but getting in the way, Meghan's mom got her to swish her mouth out with water.

Once all the ants had been spit out of Meghan's mouth, the McNamara's called the Poison Control Center who said not to worry because swallowing ants can not harm humans. In spite of that it still took some doing to get Meghan to believe that.

I will bet Meghan hesitates just a moment before she picks up anything on the counter without looking at it first.


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i love this so much!


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