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   The last month or so has been too quiet, with the exception of a heavy rainstorm on April 3 and 4, and some snow on the 7th.

Justin McCullen of Chestnut Hill noted that the temperature averaged 53.2E for daytime highs and 35.8E for overnight lows. The warmest temp listed on the Chestnut Hill record is 68E on April 16. During the April 3-4 rainstorm, Justin's weather station picked up 3.65 inches of rain. When Justin made his call to Harvey Leonard (Channel 7) the night after, Harvey heard Justin's recording of rainfall and said, "Uh-uh. No way. That's a little on the high side. Someone's been putting water in your raingauge."

For Joe Ahern in Canton, daytime highs averaged 48.1E and overnight lows averaged 33.5E. Joe reported 2.65 inches of rain on April 3-4. He also had an inch of snow on April 7, which he said " only 45 minutes."

Here in Lynnfield, I did not average my daily readings, but they were generally the same as the weatherwatchers. I did get 2.85 inches of rain by 6 a.m. April 4, the most I've ever seen in 24 hours in more than a year of record keeping, and I also saw a 26 mph wind gust at 3: 29 a.m. on April 11. That's the strongest wind I've ever measured.(Believe me, if you stood out in a 20mph wind, you'd swear it was 40).

Sad for us weatherwatchers, the snow season is probably over. To date, I've measured 39.4 inches of snow in Lynnfield. Boston had 39.6 inches, with the normal being 41.8 inches.

This month, the weatherwatchers also got into a new activity - becoming weatherwatchers for WLVI-TV 56, after meteorologist Ron Harris told me the phone number. n

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