Stereotypes and Labels: An Open Letter

November 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear People/person who stereotypes and labels,

Thank you for assuming people’s personalities styles as words and phrases. If you didn’t know when you assume something about a person you don’t know the perspective of that person is changed due to that thought.

You are coming up with lies about someone which is called stereotyping and labeling. This happens a lot in our society, especially in the year 2017 and the coming future. No one really notices that they’re doing it because we’ve all done it, we’re humans. And people and especially millennials have been doing this for many years, but these past years it has gotten worse and worse, especially in schools. That is how bullying happens, people expect things out of a person and those things aren’t always positive and people can and will probably make fun of them for being a lie that you came up with.

We as individuals should care about getting to know new people and not stereotyping and labeling them as we choose. Yes, it is free will to do that,  but if you really think about it, it’s not very kind or fair depending on the remark and word choices you have for a stranger or someone you see day to day without knowing them.

This has been going on for years. For the smart people, it is sort of like how we Americans treated the Chinese immigrants and other immigrants in 1882. They were seen and sometimes shown as people who would ruin the American government. They called them out using rude and disrespectful labels and phrases to define them and show the rest of the world how awful they were. They were called “bad” and “people who will ruin things” as well as being stereotyped by their religion and race.

I feel like I’ve been given words, phrases, and stereotypes. Not to my face or over messages, but I can tell what you're thinking and doing when you stare at me like I am a lesser person than you. I also know that you tell your friends because they do the exact same. Why? I don’t know, but I do know that they’re scared of you, so they agree for who knows why.

People can label themselves as well as jokes it is not just others looking at others and characterizing them as a short sentence and/or word. Funny. Weird. Band Trash.

Stereotypes are the EXACT SAME. Why? Think of them as a cake: the words are the ingredients that make the main word or phrase. Take ‘sporty’ for example athletic, cool, jock, (sometimes) slacker, and busy.  Much like labels they are both positive and negative as well as being used as jokes.  It is also a tested fact that it changes how we see people as well as how we perceive our views of different people.

So the next time you look at me or anyone else in the world, don’t think of them as a saying and/or word make sure you know them before you use rude ones or don’t even use one because it's not right to define people without knowing them personally. Think of others as human beings, not words.

“People are too complicated to have simple labels” Philip Pullman.

An equal human,
7th Grade

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