November 18, 2017
By TheonlyBri BRONZE, Cupertino, California
TheonlyBri BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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When I look at one thing. I always take a second to look at what it is. A scissor. A pink, blue, yellow, and orange scissor. It’s sharp. Sharp enough to match a shark’s tooth. I would stare at it, thinking about what I can do with it. Not just to cut things, but to also use it in a way that I can express.

I look around in my room. And what can a plain old room have? Well if you don't, I have a wall. Just a plain white wall. I looked at my pale hands. Turned it over and over again. Am I strong enough to punch through the plain old wall? I stared at the wall a second time. I closed my hands into a fist and attempted to punch. I could feel my nails dig into my skin although it wasn’t fully in. Right before I hit the wall, I stopped. I was definitely not going to punch the wall. I don’t have a reason to do it. That would be crazy and I will not go beyond that point. But if I do...what can I see through the wall if I punch through it, and what will be there? Will there be glory? Will there be a victory?

I thought...definitely not. It’s a wall. But, I wasn’t really thinking of the wall then.

I imagined myself on a battlefield and a water wall in front blocking my way to survival. I know I was definitely not going to punch through that wall. This was definitely a dream, but a dream that I can remember forever. I turned and saw dozens and dozens of sharks behind me. They often raised their mouths and shined their huge white teeth. Their gray and dark eyes glared at me. Steaming me with fear. Their jaws crumbled the bones of other tiny fishes in ease. I thought that this place had no life to it. I thought that I had no life in there too.
In my hands, I felt a sharp hit. That couldn’t be… I looked down and oh look! I found the old sharp colorful scissor with me. It was probably the only thing I had then that had color. And life.

I looked at the wall again. I looked back at the sharks, getting an inch closer each time I blink. I knew I didn’t have enough time to blink then. I turned towards the wall again. It was the same plain blue wall that had no life to it. I knew if I didn’t have something to force me, I wouldn’t attempt to punch through that wall. I was also dying from lack of air because I was in the water trying to push myself up each time to breath against the waves. There was no sky, no sun, no life. I had to make a choice. Wait for the sharks to come and stab them with my scissor or to stab myself and push myself through that wall.  I looked at the scissor and I knew there was no way to defend myself from all those sharks.

I felt the water waves get stronger, I couldn't tell if I was sweating or just water. I was pretty sure it was both. My legs were exhausted. My hands pushing my hair out of my sight every 5 seconds. I had to go. I swam to the wall and... OUCH! The sight of red water rose from my hand. My eyebrows rose and had no choice left but to punch the wall.


“Anna! Wake up. We have to go now. We are already late for the trip,” my mom yelled while eating an apple rapidly.
I yawned. What is it now?
“UGH. Where are we going again?” I answered in exhaustion.
“We’re going to your fencing competition than to the beach,” my mom replied.
“K gee. I totally forgot about it.”

I was definitely going to punch through the limit line today and force myself to win that competition. And going past that limit line will bring me the glory. A beach. Happiness. Joy. Family. Hope. Living a life with color is better than living in the dark.

The author's comments:

This is a story from my life. I hope people can realize that you can live a life of color and push yourself past things that no one else thought of doing. 

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