Effects of Technology

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Technology has advanced dramatically between the last few years. Children and teenagers are on their devices non-stop, all around the country. For example, the 77% of Americans that have smartphones tend to overuse and become addicted to them. As more and more teens use technology, there are varying effects that are caused during their lives.

Not only does technology, namely phones, have a calling and/or texting application, but they also can have tracking, and many more ways for parents and their kids to stay in contact with each other. In a safety situation, such as a fire, a lockdown at school, or anything else, kids have to take matters into their own hands when they are not with a parent or guardian. Phones can come in handy with issues like this, because the first thing their parents are going to want to know is if their kid is okay. They can use their phones to contact each other. According to HowToLearn, ´´even 69% of 14-11 year olds have cell phones.¨ This is because many parents find it both easy and convenient that they can learn who their child is with, where they are, and what time they are wanting to come home at with the touch of a button.

Even though technology is a great source of safety, it can also be a great danger. Studies show that around 94% of teenagers have at least one social media account. Social media can be a fun way to meet new friends, and stay in contact with old ones, but some kids do not have a private account, and are not responsible with it. Anybody in the world can have access to their pictures and latest feed as long as their account is not private. Also, some accounts are not relevant. This means that a stranger could imitate an account that a kid follows, and follow him or her. This could be a big danger, because social media can share information like name, phone number, location, and pictures that you only want your friends to see.

The main types of technology that kids and teens use today are cell phones and computers/ tablets. Both can be used to contact other people. They can be used to cause cyberbullying, as well. Cyber Bullying Statistics states, “About half of young people have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly.” When kids bully others, they find it easier to cyberbully. This is because saying something mean to their face is much harder than to do it using a screen. Cyberbullying is more likely to happen to a child or teen these days, because more kids have smartphones and social media accounts. Cyberbullying not only happens on social media, but it can happen by texting and e-mailing, too.


Technology can cause major health effects. For example, IJHS informs that, “health effects of using mobile phones include changes in brain activity, reaction times, and sleep patterns.” When people use technology, a type of light called “blue light” is released from the screen, and causes people to have trouble sleeping. Having a lack of sleep can cause issues during the day. If somebody goes to school or work tired, they have trouble focusing, and they are really slow at what they are doing. Not to mention, when you bring your phones to school or work, it can go off at the wrong time. This can also cause kids and adults to become off task.


Generally speaking, technology can impact our lives in both positive and negative ways. It is important that people know the correct ways to use their devices, otherwise, there could be some problems. Technology can be used to benefit our lives with health care, machines, safety, and much more. But this doesn’t mean that it is completely good for us humans to be using it as frequently as we are these days.

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