The Unexpected Surprise

November 15, 2017
By AbbyF12 BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
AbbyF12 BRONZE, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
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I love the outdoors, they feel like a home away from my real home. There’s a sense of comfort and safety as if the trees, branches, and animals are looking out for you, protecting you from harm. It is a place in which you feel stress free, taking you away from the stress of the real world into your own little world of imagination. It all began as I was a kid. Having to let out all that energy, going outside was the easiest thing to do just that. I’d make my dad play ball with me every sunday, which became a tradition that we still do sometimes. Then I would go wander all over, loving it. I cherish the crisp, fresh air filling my lungs and leaving my body with a sense of serenity. Whenever I needed a break from this stressful world I would just go outside. No destination in sight, but twenty-four acres of property, at my house in Vermont to travel endlessly.


When I stepped outside it was as if there was a huge painting laid out in front of me. That's how fascinating this sight was. There were trees, weak from ages upon ages lining the surface with flowers by their roots. They'd play a spooky song everytime the wind howled by. The clouds were big and fluffy, almost as if they were cotton candy. Leaves turning auburn, orange, and yellow which made you have a feeling that it was that time of year. Fall was coming out of hibernation. Hundreds of delicate birds with most shades on a color wheel, so bright and stunning. They perched up in the trees to sing joyful tunes to their young which made every minute seem like an hour to go by.  There was a flaming yolk yellow fireball in the ocean blue sky. It might you cringe if you looked at its rays because of its shine. All these parts of the sight in front of me made me squeal with excitement.

I traveled alongside muddy paths, tripping over rugged rocks every two steps, to streams with agile rushing water. I created my own paths, I got to do what I wanted. It was the  freedom that I loved. Not having to listen to others and doing what they said. Seeing all new insects, animals it was all so enjoyable to me. The creatures scrambling around to find hiding places once they felt their world stumble by the stomp of my foot. I was invading their space but they must not have mind because they continued business with their little lives while I passed on by.

At last I got to the place I had pictured in my head. A long stretch of open land, daisies everywhere, dandelions, and one beautiful view of a lake. You could see crystal like particles of the lake bouncing off from the sun's saffron rays. There wasn't a single tree in the way of this sight. It was absolutely stunning. I could see jet ski's zooming by, people on boats, and others on kayaks. It was so peaceful and pure. I plopped myself onto “turtle rock” to chill out. I called it this because the first time I came to this spot I saw a little turtle right next to it. When this happened it was my first time going on an adventure throughout the woods and seeing the turtle hooked me into wanting to explore more.  About an acre or two away from this spot we had apple trees. They'd been here for many years but it still had a picture worthy appearance. You could tell by the way the branches hung, the roots down deep into the soil. That's what made them special. They'd been on this very spot for so long that it was almost as if if they weren't here it would feel different. The apples bright, shiny rose colored ready to be picked. The air was so fresh with the sweet scent from the blooming apples and with the ones on the ground that have little bites taken out by animals.

I've seen about everything that the outdoors have to offer. All the streams, insects,and flowers. But I've never seen a moose. It's odd to believe that I haven't seen one even though I have been coming to Vermont for all these years. When I think of Vermont,  deer and moose pop in my head but I can't picture what a moose looks like since I've never seen one. But I have seen a lot of deer.

It was about five in the afternoon, my mom and I were driving in the car heading back from the grocery store after getting tonight's dinner. The roads here were so twisty and turny it sometimes frightened me a little bit. I felt as if something was just gonna pop out of the woods at any minute. Suddenly, as we went around a corner out of the corner of my eye I see a huge figure, blurry yet define enough for me to know what it was. I thought it was a dream at first until we got closer. My mouth dropped open and I blurted with joy, “ It’s a moose!” “Mom look it's a moose! It really is! I'm not joking!” My mom looked at me and smiled, “ I know, your very first one to see!” I was so struck with happiness throughout my body.

It was so big, it reminded me of a mammoth at first. The antlers were a lightish brown, way larger than pictures make it out to be. The moose itself was a dark chocolate brown. The fur looked so fluffy and soft but it was matted in a few spots. With every step it took I felt like the ground was going to shake, that's how huge it was. Pictures don't do mooses justice. In reality they're so much different.

I couldn't believe how in the same day as I was thinking about never seeing a moose I did. This gave me just another reason to love the outdoors. It made me want to go explore some more.

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