Seeing Other People MAG

By Anonymous

   I know what I would and would not like people to think about me. I wouldn't want people to think, "Hey, she looks really stupid," or, "She acts really weird." So I always wonder what other people are thinking about me and always wish that I could read minds. Is the tall boy with the brown hair looking at me funny, or am I just imagining it? Oh, something must be wrong! Is my zipper down; does my hair look bad, or do I have some chocolate on my face from that hot fudge I ate? Then I look over and see someone who has a glob of mustard on their chin and I start to chuckle to myself. But then I stop. If I think like this, doesn't everybody else? So, I think to myself that it's not that bad, and it could be me over there with someone else chuckling at me-hoping that it will make some difference, hoping that I can take some comfort in the fact that not everyone is cruel and petty enough to laugh at such things. After all, I changed, didn't I? But will anyone else? n

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i love this so much!


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