Lea and the Game of Manhunt

November 9, 2017
By Lindland SILVER, Deland, Florida
Lindland SILVER, Deland, Florida
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“Tag!” Eno yelled at Ened.

“No, I didn’t feel anything,” Ened yelled over his shoulder. Eno had already stopped, confident that he had tagged him.
“I tagged your shirt,” Eno yelled after Ened, starting to run after him again.
“No you didn’t, but even if you did, tagging my shirt doesn’t count!” Ened yelled right before he zipped around a corner.
“Crap!” Eno muttered, by the time he had turned the corner, Ened was long gone.

As Ened kept running he passed a large talking bush. As you may expect this confused Ened, so he turned around to investigate. It turns out that the bush was not talking, it was Lea, Bledi, and Jesse, who were hiding behind the large bush.

“Psst!”, whispered Lea, “Over here!”
“What?” hissed Ened.
“Follow us”
“Why?” asked Ened
“I have an idea, we're totally going to crush Eno and Anri in Manhunt this time!”

“Ok, let’s go.” Ened agreed, so Lea led the way to the owner's house. To explain, the owner's house is a piece of private property on the beach of Lalez, Albania. It is the personal property of the woman who sold Lea’s family the building that Lea stays in every summer, thus the name “the owner”. Lea and her family go to Lalez every summer, so they kind of know their way around the place. She also meets her friends in Lalez, and was playing manhunt with them now. She ran down the cobblestone streets winding down Lalez, until they arrived at the owner’s house.

“You’re crazy, we can’t go in there! The owner is in Tirana, so she is not home. That would be trespassing.” exclaimed Ened. “That’s private property!”
“Exactly Ened, this is gonna be the best hiding spot we have ever found.” chittered Bledi.
“Fine, but Eno and Anri are on their way, we need to hurry.” whispered Jesse.

Lea led the way into the owner’s house, they jogged up to the gate, opened it slowly, and snuck into the garden. Lea held the gate open for the others to go through, and just as Lea was running through the gate, Eno and Anri turned the corner and saw Lea enter the owner's property.

“Did you see that?” asked Anri
“Yes, she just entered the owner’s house!” marveled Eno.
“We need to catch them!” snorted Anri.
    “No, no, no… I have a better plan. Let’s go have a chat with the guards.”
As Lea crept through the garden, looking for the others, she tried not to disturb any security measures that the owner may have taken. What if there are cameras? Lea finally caught up with Jesse, Bledi, and Ened.
    “Psst! Guys! Anri and Eno saw me enter the garden!” whispered Lea.
    “What? What if they tell the guards?” asked Jesse.
    “Oh crap I didn’t even think of that...” gulped Bledi
    “They are gonna be too chicken to come inside themselves to get us, we need to get out of here. The guards are probably on their way.” said Ened.

Anri and Eno were walking down the road that the owner’s house was on, it smelled like sap, it was humid, and there were leaves on the cobble road. The sun was setting, it was around 6 or 7, they had been playing manhunt for a while now, they don’t know how long, they just knew that they were going to crush Lea, Ened, Bledi, and Jesse. When they arrived at the front of the house, they walked up to the guard station.

“Hello guys,” Anri greeted the guards.
“Hello” replied a guard wearing a yellow uniform.
“We are sorry to bother you, but we just saw four dangerous looking men enter this house, they are in the garden, you might wanna check it out...” lied Eno.

The guard had a concerned look on his face as he spun around, shouted something at the other two guards who hastily put out their cigarettes, grabbed their belts and ran out with the first one towards the garden. Eno laughed, one guard got out of his seat so fast, that he almost fell over.

The sun had set, it was starting to get cold. Lea and the others were standing in the middle of the garden when they noticed the light of a flashlight shining from just around the corner, in seconds a guard in a yellow uniform appeared around the corner, and yelled something at them. It was probably “Get out!”, or “Hey! You there!”, but Lea could only guess because she was too focused on running away from the guy to actually pay any attention to what he was actually saying. Two of guards gave up, realizing that the “Dangerous Men” were actually just kids. The guard in the yellow uniform took the threat of children more seriously than the others, and continued running after them. The group of young trespassers ran to a gate connecting the owner's house to the owner’s late brother-in-law’s house.

In their hurry to get through the gate, Jesse tripped and fell on the ground. Lea felt the wind on her face, in her ears, the cold piercing her skin, but she didn’t feel emotion for Jesse. She just wanted to get out of there. Bledi called out to Lea to come help Jesse, so she did, reluctantly. The guard was a lot closer now, so the four kids ran towards the exit from the brother's house, so that they could get into the open road. Everyone was running straight, but Lea made the split-second decision to turn right. She jumped behind a bush, and waited, hoping the guard would pass. The three others ran straight through the gate and into the road. The guard chased them, waited only a few feet away from Lea, and then continued. Lea was safe. Once she was sure the other two guards were gone, she ran out into the road.

She was full of joy, she had finally escaped. That had been one of the most stressful experiences of her life. That was the craziest game of manhunt that she had ever played. After meeting up with the others, she learned that they outran the guard in the yellow, and escaped. Lea is definitely not going into the owner’s garden without permission again.

The author's comments:

This was the first piece of writing I made this year. This is about my friend Lea, and an experience she had in Lalez. Lalez is a beach town in Albania. Lea is Albanian. I am American. The dialouge is in English because you probably don't understand Albanian. Neither do I.

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