Bam!Man down

October 28, 2017
By KMS2018 BRONZE, San Jose, California
KMS2018 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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The three main characters are Samuel (friendly and kind), Fang (quiet and friendly), and Sai (the bully). All three of them have a fight and all of them get in big trouble.

Chapter 1: Bam! Man down

Bam! Man down

    My world had just fallen and was torn apart at that minute. I had a great reputation at my preschool, I just seemed like a friendly, kind, young little boy. Then my great reputation went away, literally in a snap. I had done something so unspeakable both my parents and teachers had not expected me to do ever in my life.
    I was at my preschool, Delight Montessori, with my best friend Fang. Fang was a quiet, kind boy that had just moved from China and didn’t understand what everybody was saying. We always sat in the corner where we always played with our toys cars. However, there was a boy named Sai who would always make very disrespectful comments at Fang because he felt superior that he was able to speak English and Fang couldn’t. I was infuriated by his comments and in my mind, I wanted to punch him right in the face but I somehow managed to look at him with a weak smile.
    After an hour of him saying comments about Fang, I finally snapped. I couldn’t take his rude, disrespectful comments about my best and only friend. I stood up and I punched him right in the face. He started bleeding and I thought to myself, “ That felt good, and that’s what he deserved.”, but then I felt stupid. I should have just reported it to the teacher like they always tell us to do, instead, I had to punch him. “What the heck were you thinking?” I asked myself, I hurt someone intentionally and at that moment, I regretted what I did.
    “Samuel! Come over here!” yelled my teacher. This was the first time that I was in big trouble and I was terrified. She took me to the principal’s office and I found myself sitting next to my parents. My mom looked disappointed (of course), my dad looked at me wondering why I punched the guy, and my principal gave me the death stare. I felt like the walls were closing in and I felt a drop of sweat trickle down my neck, it was dead silent until my teacher asked me the million dollar question. “Why did you punch Sai?” she asked angrily. I felt like there was a lump in my throat and I couldn’t speak. But I somehow I said, “Sai said some mean comments to Fang.” before I broke into tears. Both my parents comforting knowing that I only did it to protect my best and only friend. The principal understood that I only did it because Sai was being a bully and he quickly brought him in. As she brought him in, I didn’t know what to say. He had blood everywhere and I was terrified that I was the one that caused him to look like this. I didn’t know what to say, I wish I could turn back time and have a different reaction to the incident instead of turning the place into a war zone. At the end of the day, the principal had to make a decision to put me in an anger management class or let me stay in my regular class and see how that goes. Her mouth opened and my world froze, a second felt like an hour. “I’ve decided to let Samuel not go to the anger management class.” I was surprised that she didn’t put in that class and I was thankful to be given the second chance. After that incident in preschool, I learned that punching someone isn’t always the best choice when they make fun of you and instead you should have the teacher deal with it. I am really happy that this incident happened to me because it led me back on the right track for life. I still see Sai at Kennedy Middle School and I hope that one day, I could repair our broken bond from preschool.

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