Running Cross Country

November 3, 2017
By MykeDavis1713 BRONZE, Hemet, California
MykeDavis1713 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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"IN THE END... We only regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were afraid to have,and the decisions we waited too long to make."

-Lewis Carroll

The time I got hit with a bus. Everyday at least three times a week I go for a run. These runs always start with a proud stance, me thinking”What a beautiful day, a beautiful day to go for a run, it can be three or even ten miles before I stop.” These runs usually are easy and simple an usually consist of a jog. But, this one run was a run I will never forget, this run is the run I got hit by a massive, and flat nosed bus. The story goes I was running just like I usually do. But, instead of going the correct way I decided to go through a shortcut to where we were stopping. I was going through a crosswalk then it hit me, I remember seeing the finish line, then just seeing a blurry figure, this figure was me, I saw myself get hit with that bus. To this day, I realize I shouldn't have taking that shortcut, and should have just kept going the way I’m supposed to go.

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