Trying Again and Again

November 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Ten degrees below zero  and I was trembling with  exhaustion, I knew that I had to keep trying. With the help by my dad I knew I could do it.  Over February break a few years ago my parents wanted me to learn  how to snowboard.  I was ambivalent about it, It seemed really hard and I didn’t want to get hurt.  I’ve always been a skier all my life and suddenly I decide to switch to something that seemed like way out of my comfort zone! Was I  crazy to think I could do this?.  For  years,  I’ve  been coming  out to Colorado to ski with my family.  My brother and my dad have been snowboarders for as long as I can remember. My dad offered to teach me and I knew that seemed like the best choice than going to ski school.

Arriving at the mountain,  there is  nothing like smelling the cold wet snow of fear or was it happiness looking at me straight in the eye?  The slight breeze of the cold made me shiver. Making my way to the gondola and arriving on the bunny hill. the embarrassment was the only thing I  was  thinking about.  Whispers that swepped  in the air “why is there a eleven year old on the bunny hill?” stomping my feet onto the gondola thinking,  snowboarding is gonna be a piece of cake. Little did I know that as the gondola was moving up the hill, this was going to  be harder than I think. One the workers guided me on to the gondola,   My dad said with excitement “are you ready?” with pure  excitement

“I guess…”   I strapped on my board and immediately fell down.

My patient dad continued  help me,  As I continued to get mad. “Ugh, ” as I continued moan.  All I was thinking was,  why did I ever decide to do this?   My dad taught my brother and cousin how to snowboard  and I know they didn’t  cry as much as I did.  “Dad I don’t think I can do this anymore; I want to give up.”

He rolled his eyes and told me to get back up.

Lying in the snow staring up into the light blue sky with clouds made of cotton candy  and saying to myself “this is impossible!”  I got up from the snow that made myself comfortable in and  continued to try and try  again.  My dad decided that I was ready to go on a bigger hill. Of course I trusted my dad and he knew what was best for me. Looking down the hill, “this will be a piece of cake.” I said with regret.  Shuffling my board across the snow and getting more frustrated.   Bang!  I fell to the ground and knocking the wind out of me.  The rushing of my dad  coming to my aid.  I Suddenly I thought that snowboarding wasn’t for me, but also I thought that If I gave up  seemed like I was a quitter.   then I got back up on the snowboard  and tried again, because I got up and kept trying I finally learned how to. Arriving home in Michigan I was telling  all my friends, I felt like a celebrity. I realized If I never tried again I wouldn't be able to tell people I could.

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