Soldier's Tale MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I am a soldier in the Persian Gulf region. As my country's leaders prepare for war, I sit and wonder about what will happen to my country and the general well being of the people. Is fighting in a war going to be beneficial to the welfare of our country? As a soldier stationed here in the Gulf, I feel our country is not prepared to fight in a war which could, no doubt, last for years. Are we really going to gain anything by fighting? I feel it will cause more damage than it is worth. People's lives are shattered, uprooted and just plain destroyed by wars. Is it worth it? Is there any alternative to having a war? Even I myself, as a soldier, do not have an answer, but am willing to assist my country in whatever it decides to do. Hopefully, our country's future endeavors will not involve a war, but if we must go to war, I want people to take a minute and really consider how lucky we are as Americans. Also realize that we should love one another freely and of our own will. n

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i love this so much!


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