NFL Controversy

October 30, 2017
By zacheras BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
zacheras BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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Currently, in our society, the NFL has drawn lots of attention to the National Anthem regarding whether or not it is acceptable for the players to kneel while it's playing. With all of the social issues and controversies occuring in society today, this issue is being publicized because many Americans think that it is disrespectful to the country and to the military. Others are under the impression that it is alright for the players to kneel, because it is their right and they are protesting for an important reason. Both sides are reasonable in this situation however some people may disagree.

“Ruining the Game”, is a direct statement from our own President Donald Trump. In his opinion, the players that do not rise during the National Anthem should be immediately fired and or fined. In Trump's perspective, he sees the players kneeling and he concludes it is an act of  disrespect to the flag, and to our country. However, the issue that Trump is failing to address is that the reason the players are not standing for the anthem has nothing to do with the flag or the military. In fact, many players have spoke up, saying how they show a great amount of respect for our army and for the country. The issues they are protesting involve police brutality and social inequality and they are trying to bring awareness to them. Both sides of the argument should talk with each other to gain a better understanding of the issues.

Focusing on the player's points of view, they believe that it is an obligation for some to stand during the National Anthem. If they are standing up for what they morally believe is true, and not breaking a law while doing so, then it should be acceptable. They strongly believe that there is no disrespect directly at America or at the military by not standing. They are simply standing up for racial discrimination, social inequality and police brutality.  The players simply want to get on the field and play the sport that they love. However, just like Rosa Parks, the players want to stand up to segregation, and show that they have a voice as well. In no way is this easy for the players to kneel during the anthem, because they do live in the United States, and they want to provide the country with as much support possible. However, in their situation, when they are busy training all year and playing football, it doesn’t give them much of an opportunity to participate in protests.  In order for the players to get their point across and for their voice to be heard, this is the action that they need to be participating in.

Some may say the situation occurring in the NFL is not working or is  a terrible thing to do for America. However, what people don't realize, is the more that people are talking about it, the more the players point is getting across. The players need a platform to get their protest broadcasted on, so more attention can be drawn to it. On Sunday afternoons millions of citizens from around the country tune in to watch football, it's like a tradition. According to The Richest website , Football is the most viewed and popular sport in America. In that case, when the players kneel, they know that it will get a lot of attention and will be a very commonly discussed topic. This movement has been discussed a great deal in our country that even the President had to come out and talk about it. In no way does that mean the president in favor of it, however it makes the topic more publicized and discussed, which is exactly what the players hope for.

To conclude, the players have rights, just like every other citizen of the United States, and whether people are for it or against it, they have a voice and want to use it.  Football will always be one of the most popular sports in the United States which means that a movement being played out today might reduce popularity a little but the players understand the risks.

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