The best teacher ever

October 20, 2017
By Jakethewriter BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Jakethewriter BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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My History teacher named Mr. Sal, is an extremely enticing teacher. He makes everything sound as if it is a story. “Ok kiddos, today we are learning about the fifties.” He engages me into any conversation that is present. What makes me the most engaged, is his voice. He is from Boston and doesn’t pronounce his r’s. Hav’ahd is how he says Harvard. He is a extremely descriptive teacher, and has wrote multiple books before. He is intelligent, hardworking, and friendly. I come into class every morning thinking of one thing, me being hungry, me not wanting to go to school, and me looking forward to going into his class. He talks about various scenarios from History. He builds a picture in my mind about what happened and where it happened.

He teaches me life skills as well, he is Independant, and extremely funny. He will try to crack a joke if he sees one of us down. Whenever I need help with something in History for the study guide for the test that we have coming up, he will tell me what I did wrong, and how to study for the test, so that I don't get it wrong on the test. I learned many things that are not just about History, but about life. I learn about the topics that changed my life for the better or the worst. I learn about the things that no other teacher has taught me about.

Most importantly, he makes me feel so good inside. He is so jubilant, and happy all of the time. He talks to me in a positive manner, and never talks to me in a rude way. He has taught me more things from the last few months, than I have learned in the last few years. In the future, I will always thank Mr. Sal and what he did for me as a student, boy, employee, and many other things. Personally what I think the biggest thing that he has taught me this year was Independance.

Although, I know it sounds crazy, but he wants me to struggle in his class. He wants me to do this, so that way I never will have to struggle again, because I will prepare so that way it will never happen again. Furthermore, if I can give one award to the best teacher ever! I would have to give it to Mr. Sal. The academy award for best teacher of the year, goes to Mr. Sal eighth grade History teacher.

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This is about my favorite teacher.

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