The Revolution of Technology

October 22, 2017
By AmanB BRONZE, Rancho Mirage, California
AmanB BRONZE, Rancho Mirage, California
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Think, how would your life be today without a TV, Smartphone, or even light? Throughout human history, there have been many amazing inventions created by some of the world's greatest minds. These inventions especially technology have changed our lives immensely. We start our day using hair dryers and electric toothbrushes. We clean our clothes with washing machines and dryers. Through human history, there have been three major events that have changed the technology world and they have been The Industrial Revolution and the release of smart phones and computers.
The first major event that changed the technology world was The Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution has begun in Britain, during the late 1700’s. Prior to The Industrial Revolution manufacturing was done in a home or small businesses. Industrialization marked the starting of manufacturing goods in factories using special purpose machinery. The Industrial Revolution improved and introduced many forms of new transportation, communication, and banking. The Industrial Revolution brought major inventions such as the Steam Engine, Telegraph, Sewing Machine, and the Telephone. There were also many agricultural improvements that made possible the provision of food for a larger nonagricultural population. Through all of these inventions, The Industrial Revolution was a huge step into what technology has turned into today and we would not have the modern day technology today without these inventions.
The second major event that changed the technology world was the invention of computers. The first computer named the Z1 was the created in 1938 and said to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer and the first really functional modern computer. It was used for calculations and writing. In the early 1900’s people knew how to calculate numbers to see if a building would stand but many people would have to do the manual calculation which was a long and painful process. Through this, a man named Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 to automate the calculation process. This advancement in technology spread throughout the world and eventually kept pursuing knew addons. These add-ons through history shaped computers that we now use for word processors, database programs, Web browsers, development tools, drawing, paint, image editing programs, and communication programs. To this day people have now used computers for many medical advancements, architecture and even created artificial intelligence.
The final major event that revolutionized the technology world was the release of the iPhone. In 2007 the first iPhone was released and it was seen as a combination of web browsing, music streaming, and mobile phone. When the first iPhone came out it revolutionized what amazing technology you could take with you everywhere. People were able to take notes, listen to music, and call from wherever they wanted. Then as time has gone by many new and subversive features such as touch ID, Siri, apple pay, and the list just keeps going. The iPhone revolutionized how people can communicate even in the most remote of places and has brought many other amazing smartphones such as Samsung and google pixel.
The three major events that revolutionized the technology world was The Industrial Revolution, the invention of computers, and the release of smartphones. These different events have changed the way that people live today and have helped people with medical problems, advancements in robotics, and communication. These inventions have shown that as people have run into many problems technology has found a way to solve it. If in a short span of a decade we have created technology like iPhones, Teslas, and space satellites, the possibilities are endless for new technology.






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