Stop Testing on Animals

October 20, 2017
By Kylee.PV BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Kylee.PV BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Animal abuse is a serious problem in the United States. Especially when it comes to testing on animals before humans test the product. This is great that humans aren’t getting harmed but why should animals have to get harmed, they didn’t sign up to get tortured. The European Union, Israel, and Indiana have already banned the sale of cosmetics that test on animals. This is what the United States should do, you may not even know the product you use everyday and have re-purchased multiple times tests harmful products on sweet innocent animals.

Instead of testing products on animals there is another option although the people of the United States choose not to. With the world advancing in technology there’s ways to use a 3D print model and put cells on it and test. We are so advanced there's probably thousands of other ways we could test these products that don’t harm any living creatures. Here’s some brands that you probably didn’t even know tested on animals OPI, Clinique, NARS, Benefit, and so many more. The chances are you probably use one of these brands. Maybe, your looking down at your nails right now and realizing that you're wearing OPI nail polish and Benefit makeup. The only thing we can do as customers is stop buying the product and tell others to do the same so less animals are put in danger.

Now, I realize that animal abuse will not stop overnight but we can always hope that in the near future it will and can change if we make everyone aware of the awful way animals are being treated. Now you may be wondering what brand you could supplement the one you may be using now but want to stop since they test on animals. Well, here’s a list of brands that do not test on animals Lush, E.L.F, Toms, and more. Just search for brands that don’t test on animals and there’s very many that don’t but there’s still a very large percent of brands that do. We need to end this for the animals sake.

A large percent of the world own pets, think about your animal that you love very much and then imagine it being tortured, it’s absolutely horrible. This needs to stop the world have lost too many animals to continue testing on animals at this rate. Remember, stop buying brands that test on animals to save an animals life.

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