One of Those Days

October 19, 2017
By yh8on.nizzy SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
yh8on.nizzy SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Have you ever had a day where you wake up and know something's going to go wrong ?A day where you wake up and you just want to go back to bed.It's almost like you can predict the future like that's so raven.Days like this changes your actions little do you know.Friday the 13th a day to remember.

6am the wake you I woke up for school ,woke up my brother then shot to the bathroom.I grab my toothbrush to brush my teeth and we're out of toothpaste.Not really surprised but upset at the fact that I couldn't brush my teeth.If you brushed your teeth for 5 mins in the morning and 7 mins at night of course you'd be out of toothpaste.Only thing running through my mind is my grandma ¨ Baking soda is a natural whitener¨.Under the cabinet there it was.Sprinkled it across the toothbrush gaging every single time a slake hit a brisel,I will never do that again.

Later on that day during school i dropped my breakfast.How could I ever drop the most important meal of the day.That left my body so weak it was hard to focus.It was my favorite class on A day, math a class that makes me happy and feel excited.But I couldn't be because the way my stomach screamed and my eyes rolled from too much movement and energy using up.I stared down the clock waiting for the 10:40 bell to strike.Beeeeep the bell has rung time for lunch.First in line I got my food and set down to eat.I took a bite of my tuna sub,and tuna fell out of the back of the sub onto my all white shoes.

Although it barely made a mess tuna stinks.I have tuna foot and that's not okay.I continued to eat the sub and then tunna fell on my pants.I felt so upset that i stop eating.I was so hungry I was making a mess.I just wanted to go home and shower.Thank god i'm the type to bring back up clothes to school for reasons like this.

2:00pm time to leave class for the football game.I finally go to experience how it feels to get trucked.We played ferris, the detention center or jail for teens.We have to go into a gate what if you go in its no getting out and If you wanted to leave you have to go through the building and buzz through 5 doors.The side line was gate like it was a foot away from the field.These guys are muscular which gave me a bad image in my head.I know the way it would end before the game started.On a running play number 50 was running so fast he couldn't stop himself and blindsided me.I fell into the gate and bounced back off and in a blink of an eye he hit me again. All that night my back was sore now I know when a football player say are hurt he's not lying.

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