The Driving Age Should be Increased to 21

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Many years have past and more than thousands of people die each year in accidents. Teens are the main problem to accidents on the road, but why haven’t the driving age increased? The age to get your driver’s license should increase because of deaths in accidents due to overuse of tech, teens immaturity, and the lack of caring for the car. Teen driving should end to make the road much safer and to keep them from getting hurt.        


Today, many teen drivers carry phones with them while driving which is why they are more likely to get into accidents. In 2013, “just under a million teenage drivers were involved in police-reported crashes”, according to AAA. Most the accidents were caused by texting, talking on the phone, and checking social media sites. Some other things teens would do include eating and drinking, changing the ration station and turning around causing you take your eyes of the road.

Another reason is that many teen drivers do not act mature enough. Before sitting behind the wheel they do not think about safety first. Most of teenage drivers think adding another passenger with them will keep them safer. However unless is one of your family members, extra passengers increases their risk of dying will not help you drive. Adding a non family passenger increases the rate of 44 percent, according to researcher Nichole Morris. Teens also like to drink and drive, which is illegal, and others like driving late at night which is very dangerous since it’s harder to drive at night than at day.

Lastly, taking care for your car is very important. When it comes to owning and driving it you need money for the bills and gas. At the youngest driving age of 16, you can not afford all that money. You would have to depend on your parents to give you money. To have money you would need to have a proper job to have proper care for your car.

Many people want the driving age to increase, but because of teens having jobs and school, many think 16 is the perfect age to start driving. Instead of parents driving they can stay home and rest and the kids will drive themselves. On the other hand, some parent, doctors, researchers claim that driving too young can be a threat to their life. Diving with technology, ending up in accidents, not thinking behind the wheel, and not giving proper care for the car is why the driving age should increase to twenty-one years old.

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