Silence This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   There we were, sitting in wooden chairs in the camp house. Every now and then there was a cough or a sniffle, but still, silence filled the room. I just sat there amazed, knowing that if I said anything I would start to cry. I tried to imagine what Amanda, Katie, Rachel and Woody were thinking. We were probably all thinking the same thing, I don't want to go home, not now.

But then I started thinking about the time when our tent had a shaving cream fight. It all began when Amanda said, "I'm bored." So I ran to my trunk to see if there was anything to relieve the boredom. I didn't see anything. Then I looked on my shelf and saw a can of shaving cream. I looked around and saw four other cans of shaving cream. An idea popped into my mind. I put some shaving cream in my hand. Then I tapped Katie on the shoulder and waited for her to turn around. Katie turned into the white foamy shaving cream and immediately started laughing. She took a towel and wiped off her white nose and cheek. She went to grab her can of shaving cream and shot it on my blue ALC camp shirt. Soon we were all covered with white foam and so was the floor. After 20 minutes we were down on our hands and knees scrubbing away the soapy cream.

My circle of friends seemed to escape my mind. I was now thinking of how, just a few minutes ago, we were laughing and talking. Tent 24 was going to break up for ten months after tomorrow. We wanted to plan a reunion at Rachel's house in Florida, or visit each other during vacation. But that would only be for three, or maybe four days; not enough time to catch up on each others' relationships.

The silence was killing me. Not only was it nerve-racking, but it made me more upset by the second. I was trying to think of something to say when Katie started laughing. Then everyone started laughing, and we didn't know why. As upset as I was, I continued to laugh. The next ten minutes were filled with, "Do you remember?" and "Ha! Ha! Ha!'s". We were leaving tomorrow and we were leaving our friends, but we were not leaving our memories. n

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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i love this so much!
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