Bullying Is Never Okay

October 17, 2017
By M.Brown BRONZE, Houston, Texas
M.Brown BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Death’s one of the hardest things in a person’s life. Especially if you’re the one that caused it. If you’re the one who drives them so insane to the point where they don’t want to live anymore. Bullying can do that to a person, whether it’s cyber, physical, verbal, relational, or reactive. Even if you’re just joking it’s never okay to play with someone’s emotions. Any type of bullying of bullying is never okay stand up for yourself or if your just a bystander stand up for the victim.

Bullying can cause people to go crazy. For example, a mom names Treby thought her daughter was going through a phase. She wasn’t really paying attention as she states, “I learned that for years she’d been cutting her arms and thighs…I’d almost killed my daughter by watching her from a distance”. It shows that parents don’t even know when their children are being bullied. Megan, the daughter, suffered from depression and suicide issues till she was an adult. It caused her to start cutting herself and to me that’s crazy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Physical bullying can really hurt people, whether it’s someone else harming you or you harming yourself. Physical harm, such as hitting, shoving, or tripping. There’s a show called criminal minds and on one episode a boy was being bullied, and the bullies were punching and shoving him and one of them pushed him so hard it caused him to fall and hit his head on a rock, which led him to pass away. The bullies were just messing with him but, one moment can change your life forever. Whether your just playing or serious, bullying can hurt or kill a person.

Bullying can drive them to have suicidal thoughts. If you know someone who’s feeling like committing suicide try and help them don’t just stand there. Suicide isn’t anything to play with. I knew someone who was suicidal and he always used to talk about how no one would care if he died. That no one loved him but every time he would tell me that I would feel sorry for him. I tried to reassure him that people cared if he died but I’m only one person. I always try to talk to him or try and make him happy because I never want anyone I care about to die. You can help people instead of being the reason that their destroyed.

Although bullying can make people stronger or more tolerable to pain, it still can cause harm. If you see bullying you can stop it. If you don’t the person can be beat up and terrorized so bad it will drive them crazy. Don’t just stand there help and get an adult and maybe you can save someone’s life.

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