Textbooks Instead of Technology as Student Resourses

October 17, 2017
By madeline_quach BRONZE, Houston, Texas
madeline_quach BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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To begin, schools should not use technology as student resources. Children are using technology way too much these days. Technology should not be used as student resources because it cost more money, laptops and devices does not last long, and students skills decrease as well as grades.

Without a doubt, technology cost a ton of money for schools. Laptops itself cost a ton, “One thousand nine hundred thousand Dell laptops was more than five hundred thousand dollars,” says Eddie Burkhalter. This amount of money is ridiculous! Schools paying for technology is over budget. To add on schools pay for supplies, school activities, taxes, and after school programs.

In addition, laptops can be easily broken or destroyed. Laptops can catch viruses, get spills, and battery life does not last long for other classes to use. Textbooks can get spills, but it does not get major issues. Technology on the other hand will cost more money to get fixed. All of this is just a waste of money.

Finally, student skills. Many students use a lot of technology at home for YouTube, social media, Netflix, etc.  Although textbooks may not provide certain information that students need, students should do that at home instead of going on social media. The more use of technology can decrease children's eyesight and reading skills with decrease. “...the use of technology is negatively affecting students,” says Vinamrata Borwankar. Students should read the textbooks at school. This is an advantage to help students whose skills are not as high as others. The internet itself does not have true information like textbooks. students using this false information on the internet with receive a zero.

To sum it all up, not all people want technology to be put out of schools. Some parents prefer their child to use technology in schools, because it is easier for their child to learn or study. Technology should not be used in schools because it cause more money, technology does not last long, and students skills and grades decrease. If you put this all together you can see that textbooks are a better resource for students than technology.

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