Dear Mother MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Today we had a rigorous workout and I'm relaxing now and writing you this letter. I'm afraid I haven't had too much more to write since my last letter home. Everyone here is still very tense and we all hate Saddam with a passion. The guys and I wish we could go in and find him ourselves, that way we could tell him what we think of him and give him a little of what he gave those POW's.

Bush came through our camp yesterday. That poor guy looks 100 years old. He is holding up admirably under all this pressure and we're all proud of him and his decisions, even though I know you're not.

How's Father and Aunt Rita and Uncle Hobart? I hope no one is too worried, we're not. I mean some nights I get really scared and I wish I could go to the next room and crawl into bed with you and Dad, but then I think of what that murderer Saddam has done and I'm glad I'm here. He has killed his own people and murdered innocent children and babies for no reason! I hate him, Mom. I really do! How can a human being do such horrible things? We soldiers haven't killed anyone since we got here. Those missiles Bush sent out have killed some Iraqi people, and I know this is going to sound heartless, but sometimes to win a war and save hundreds of thousands, hundreds must die first. We used to feel sorry for the Iraqi people, but not anymore. Saddam is underground and his secret police couldn't stop a whole country. I don't understand how a whole country could follow such an evil man. They should have revolted long ago. I only pity them now for their ignorance.

Well, Mom, I didn't mean to tell all my troubles to you so bluntly, but every so often I need someone to tell them to. I hope you don't mind. I love you, Mom. Keep praying for us and remember, this war isn't bad, it is necessary. Saddam is a madman who had to be stopped and I'm very glad we are the ones, along with the U.S.S.R., who get to do it.

Say hello to everyone and tell them I miss them, but I'll be home soon.


Your devoted son, Christopher

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i love this so much!


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