Two Worlds Apart

September 27, 2017
By Emle34 BRONZE, Fort Worth , Texas
Emle34 BRONZE, Fort Worth , Texas
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How is it that we can live in a the same universe, yet live lives so fart apart and far different from each other? The unjust struggles of your world are a clear message of encouragement to my life.

Chapter 1: Family Trip

I live in a society in which most people take what they have for granted. Having grown up in a family setting where my parents have always provided everything for me, I didn’t understand that not everyone was as fortunate as I. It wasn’t till at age seven when I went to Mexico that this realization dawn on me.

Chapter 2: Cruise ship

My fingers clasped tightly on the rails, the cool breeze rushed through me as I stared down at the mountainous waves crashing into one another. It was mesmerizing. They never stopped chasing after one another, lapping into one… “Elizabeth” my mom called out, slicing the silence that surrounded me. Getting up, I dusted myself off and ran over to where she was joined by my dad and older sister, Vivian. Grasping my mom’s hand, Vivian was jumping up and down. “What are you so excited for?” I inquired. “We are going to go swimming, watch a magic show, and go to the buffet where they have a ginormous chocolate fountain!!!” she declared excitedl

Chapter 3: A day in Mexico

The following morning Vivian and I were shaking with excitement, our soda cans ready to burst. This was due to the news we received from our parents that we were going to go swim with the dolphins and go buy some souvenirs to bring back home. When the sound of the ship's horn loudly announced itself,we knew our adventure was about to begin.Shortly after, we disembarked the ship and took a taxi to where the dolphins and souvenirs were. Upon arrival, my eyes scanned the various souvenir stands they had. There were so many marvelous artifacts I didn't know which one I wanted until my eyes caught hold of brightly handmade name bracelets. Even from afar it drew me in. Pulling on Vivian's hand, she screeched due to my unexpected abruptness. In the corner of my eye, I could see my parents following us as well.  Neighboring in, I could see vividly the process it took to make them as he made the bracelet for the girl next to me. Turning around to face my parents I looked at my mom, seeing her nod in approval to my question I had yet to express. Taking a couple steps forward I looked at the various colors offered. Although all the colors were appealing, the ones that stood out the most to me was a cerulean and a magenta. Looking for the craftsman to tell him what I wanted, I was taken back when I realized that a boy who looked around the age of 13 was him. It is not every day that you see a thirteen-year-old working, at least not in the United States. It's a different story in Mexico though, with 3.6 million 5-17-year-olds working thirty-five plus hours every week. Half of their population lives in poverty with ten percent living in extreme poverty and twenty-five percent making less than fourteen dollars a day. In order to sustain themselves everyone in the family has to pitch in with expenses that is why they have jobs at such a young age. After getting over my shock, I tell him the colors I wanted and watched him weave my bracelet in awe, for he was just a kid who had a skill that aided him in life.

Chapter 4: An outlook in life

As a result of this vacation experience, whenever I look down at the bracelet I got all those years ago, I don't see a cerulean magenta bracelet, I see the struggles that other bare based on the society and government that they are born into. We live in different worlds wherein my childhood I got to go watch magic shows, go swimming with the dolphins and go on vacation, being able to enjoy life while in his world he must work to survive. This has become a valuable lesson in my life that showed me that I shouldn't take what I have for granted and should work hard to achieve what I want in order to be where I want to see myself in life. This matters to everyone because it shows that no matter where you are in life, whether you are in a superb or imperfect situation, that you can make more of yourself given what you have.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because I want young adults to realize that while we might live in a society in which we have everything available, we should be aware and conscious that there are other human beings out there in the world whom are struggling. 

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