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   February's weather disappointed many of us weather watchers who love snow. The first week was truly a disaster; the snow from the January 11-12 snowstorm melted. Here in Lynnfield our 10 inches took a while; Canton's 5 inches melted more quickly. We had hoped all month that spring would wait until it was meant to be, but temps continued to be in the 40's and anything that fell from the sky was rain. We had also hoped that the snow cover would be replaced, but the total lagged behind the 12-inch average all month and ended up at 2 1/2-inches, but greater amounts (5-8 inches) fell to the south and north.

Harvey Leonard and I complained about this month's lack of exciting weather:

"How does it feel to get ripped off again?" he asked, referring to another snowstorm that had fizzled out.

"I think I'm gonna move to Wisconsin or somewhere," I said.

"ANYWHERE!!!" he said. "Anywhere is better than here. Even New York City is better. They get 7 inches and we get diarrhea!"

We weather watchers, snow-lovers and skiers agree; anytime we were supposed to get snow, it always managed to change to something resembling school lunch mashed potatoes and then rain.

It is a fact that this winter is the second warmest and one of the most snowless in Boston's 113-year history of weather records. As of the end of February, Boston had a total of 15 inches snow for the season, normally 33 inches. These kinds of "strange" winters have been going on since the winter of '88-'89, and some of us arewondering if this is global warming, others are passing it off as a fluke, with the promise that it's part of a cycle. Meanwhile we weatherwatchers are hoping that someone up there is stockpiling the snow in a trap door over New England. We're patient to wait for that door to release.

Meanwhile, to The 21st Century weather watchers from Chestnut Hill, Newton, Canton, Lexington, Wellesley, Saugus, Westford and other towns, it won't be long till we get severe thunderstorms and hail the size of blue whales to look after. n

If you'd like to join the rest of us nuts and be a 21st Century Weather Watcher, you don't need knowledge of weather, just love weather at its worst. For info, write me at 14 Hutchins Circle, Lynnfield 01940.

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