Joyriding the Whip

September 25, 2017
By Anonymous

Friday morning just barely waking up I can barely even see, I get a call from one of my brother’s not blood related, but I count him as my brother. The call was “ Let’s all get together and hang out”.

As for me, I leave the house with an empty stomach showing no attention to having a good breakfast and we all get together at the lightrail up the street from my house. We eventually get off but i’m nowhere near home, I’m finding myself walking into a full parking lot with five of my friends. A thought rushes to my mind as i spot a person leaving their car unattended and on for a quick phone call. My mind was saying “No don’t do it” but I couldn’t help it I took a run for it anyways and so did my friends. 

When we all entered the vehicle I started to remember two days before my older sister taught me driving lesson’s, I put the car in drive and took off happy as i watched the victim yelling viciously “HEY!!! GIVE ME MY CAR BACK.”

Now, that it was time to hit the road with a new car, we stopped at a nearby gas station for snacks and drinks. I started to realize now the only thing i’m worried about is the police. We all left with a bunch of junk food and managed to get passed a few officers without them noticing anything.


The last trip that I took didn’t end so good with a stolen car here’s why? Getting off on florin road I didn’t have a lightbulb in my head to tell me there was a police station there, As we went to go pick up a nearby friend I barely met for five minutes a police squad car decided to drive behind us. We all realized and said “ damn it’s all bad”. I didn’t have no choice but to gas it and then started a high speed chase in the middle of walmart parking lot. I wasn’t scared I just was noticing so many police cars behind me. We ended up getting smacked by two squad cars and stuck in the middle of a farm, as everyone gets yanked out the car and thrown on to the mud with guns to their head I realized this is a bad mistake. We all got handcuffed and put in different cars.


Totally thinking about my freedom that was at the top of my head, as for me I decided to take a nice view down the street behind a cop car i seen the whole street filled with police cars and as I looked at the stolen car it was a total disaster. Few months go past i look back at the mistake I made and that person is no longer me I forever regret the bad choices I made. I changed by adapting to school and to stop taking people’s cars.

The author's comments:

Well now that i figured out once you're behind a police car it's no fun that you're freedom can be gone. 

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