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   "It is not easy to adjust to completely new surroundings, ibut I have the best host family in the world!" I said to myself last night when I could not sleep because of homesickness.

I have been staying in Amesbury for a month already and now I have only nine more months to go. It is fun to be an exchange student but it is not always easy. My teachers in school are perfect, as are my principal, vice-principal and guidance counselor. School life is always joyful. However, it is hard to make new friends.

My host family has six members: Peter, Ann, Braden, Trevor, Davis and Dorothy. They are all wonderful people. Peter, my host dad, always helps me with the window. I never have enough energy to shut it. He is good and every night he says, "Good night, Ada!" without really knowing whether I am asleep or not. Ann, my host mom, is more like a sister to me. She always talks with me, sharing my happiness and sorrows. I love her very much. Braden, Trevor and Davis are my little "brothers." They are active, funny and joyful. They like to put the things I hate most in the bathroom or my bedroom, including frogs, snakes and lobsters. I know they are only toys but I really do not dare touch them. Dorothy, my "grandma," is a nice lady. She often makes some orange juice for me. She knows what I like to eat and drink.

I have experienced a lot of "first times: " my first time to play golf, my first time to go sailing, my first time to eat pizza, my first time to.... I really do not know how many people in this world are as good a my family. They are all wonderful people. I have to say a thousand "Thank yous" to my dad and mom, my little brothers and my grandma. They have given me a lot of joy and a wonderful time.

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i love this so much!


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