Oh, The Places He Went MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   When I heard he had died, I was so upset that I almost cried, even though I hadnever known him personally. I had only read words he wrote.

I canremember the hours I spent pouring over books by a man who called himself Dr.Seuss. I remember the pleasure the simple words "One fish, two fish, redfish, blue fish" gave me. The time I spent looking at the mess the Cat inthe Hat had made, at the fish who protested it all. How I remember loving it. Howmuch pleasure it gave my young mind!

But I still enjoy reading him, and Iam fifteen years old now. And less than a year ago, I bought one of his lastbooks, Oh, The Places You'll Go. It talked about everywhere you could go, andthat there would be good times and bad times before you reached your destination.

Then I wondered where had Dr. Seuss gone?

Some people say thatwhen you die you go to heaven. Others say that you get reincarnated. Some justbelieve that once you die, it's over.

But I know that all is not over forthe man called Dr. Seuss. It is true his body has stopped functioning, but hewill never be forgotten.

Dr. Seuss is in the hearts of so many peoplebecause he gave them pleasure with simple words, delightful pictures, and flightsof the imagination that entrance children of all ages. For this he will not beforgotten. His books will be read and loved by generations to come, just as welove them today.

Because Dr. Seuss wrote the stories he wrote, he left apart of himself here. Dr. Seuss has become immortal.

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i love this so much!


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