September 4, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was 12 I knew something that kids was not supposed to know until they were 18. But my life what is different. You can't imagine of what I've been through. My life is both a mystery and a tragedy.

When my mom lost her American Airlines job we lost everything, our home, our stores were over stuff was. It was like starting all over again. We went House to house moving everywhere. My mom finally found a job where she found an amazing coworker/her best friend who let us in to her home in Fort Worth Texas. Her name is Jennifer. My mom also had a friend who was also my godmother, Sherrie without a home also.

Then my mom asked if Sherrie and her daughter could stay with us. Jennifer said yes gladly. In my mind without a doubt I thought we would have the most fun. I guess it did not turn out that way.

Unfortunately months later it started to happen. Sherrie's daughter Coco started stealing drone my mom's wallet. When this happened my mom and I were in the kitchen cooking. My mom knew that she was doing so she said her room. Five minutes later went back to her room and took her wallet out, and check to see if the money was still there. It wasn't. Going from the kitchen. I rushed to see what was going on. My mom was charging and Coco with all kinds of colorful language. I tried to break up the argument, and it was to create peace. But Coco wasn't going to have it. She didn't like the feeling of being accused of something she did.

So she said "No, I did not take your dumb money." The sound of her voice angered my mom. Mom said "Well are you sure about that, all you do is steal anyways." That moment I knew that a fight was going to break out. " Do you want to check, go ahead." Coco said while pointing at her underwear. I tried to separate them into different rooms, until Coco swung at my mom. Fist went everywhere, they ended up going outside the house while I was getting my phone. I tried to call 911 , but at that moment I couldn't.

Coco grabbed my mom and slammed her against the brick wall. I couldn't stand there and watch that. I grabbed the pole and whacked her on the back of her neck. She got dizzy. Me and my mom ran inside of the house and locked the front and back door. As Coco regained her strength, she threatened to break the windows with a brick .

My mom washed the blood off of her hands and told me to call the police. I called them and said " My mom was attacked by a teenager named Coco, she is wearing pick camouflage pants and a black t-shirt." They sent the police right away.

In conclusion, they arrested Coco. My mom got hurt but not that bad. Sherrie found a home somewhere else. And now my mom and I live in a house in Arlington.

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