March 23, 2009
By chelseabenda BRONZE, Smyrna, Tennessee
chelseabenda BRONZE, Smyrna, Tennessee
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Every night I go to sleep wondering if you’re sleeping well or if you’re even ok. In my dream, you are next to me with my head on your chest and I can hear you heart. “Thumdum-thumdum-thumdum.” That is all I hear. When I listen it speeds up at first then it slows down. I love it when you kiss me on the forehead. You tell me that you love me when it’s not necessary and you want me to know. You tell me I am beautiful when I am down and you bring my spirit up. You make me smile every time I look into those brown gorgeous eyes. And you down upon me into my blue eyes and say, “You’re really short, and by the way I love your eyes.” You may do the smallest things or say the littlest things sometimes but I really don’t care because you do more of the big things. You tell me you believe in me and say that I am going to go somewhere with my life. We always talk about the future. But do you see me in yours? Do you see me the girl you go to prom, homecoming, or whatever event with? I just want you and only you. I want you to be the guy o come with me to the Smyrna/Blackman games, homecoming, prom, and etc. but one big thing to me is graduation. I want you to be the guy in the picture with me in my gown with my diploma. I want you to be the one helping me move into a dorm. I want you to be the guy with me in the future and the guy the sweeps me off my feet, but catch me as I fall. I want you to be the guy the puts the ring on my finger to my heart. But also just be the guy that I love and who loves me for me. People tell us to start asking ourselves from now until marriage if the person we are with is the person we can see ourselves married to. I do see myself with you in the future. You are my dream guy in so many ways. I know I have my flaws, but that’s not very many, but you have no room to be talking. What I am trying to say I guess is be that one guy I can count on and love. Be the guy that comes home every night or me go home to. Be my prince charming. I want you and only you. I am willing to take the risk with the upcoming years but that shouldn’t change us. But don’t break my heart and I won’t break yours. But just remember three simple strong words, “I love you babe!”

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i am in a relationship with a great guy and you dont find them very much, right ladies? but this guy is a keeper but there is a problem. we are going to different high schools next year and i dont want to loose him at all!

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