August 4, 2017

Late at night, when I’m the only one still awake, I open my blinds and look at the stars. Sometimes I open my window, to breathe the calm night air, feel its silent ambiance. I used to be scared of the dark, but now I love it. Now I realize that I don’t care if some big scary monster comes and takes me away to a secret world, that was hidden right under our ignorant noses whilst we were more concerned about ourselves. I don’t care because it would be an adventure, one that you hear about only in fairytales. I wish something would happen to me to give me a taste of delicious, wonderful, beautiful fiction. Because adventures don’t really happen in real life, and that’s why I wish I was elsewhere. I wish I could dance amongst the stars, swim with the creatures of the deep. I wish I could fly to the moon and wave to the other people like me, looking out their windows, staring at the stars, waiting for an adventure. 

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