Gympie Gympie

July 16, 2017

Gympie'Gympie tree AKA the Stinging Tree is one of the most poisonus plants in the world found in australia people say when it stings you it feels like being burned and electrucuted at the same time! the Gympie'Gympie has very tiny stinging hairs that are full of poison if you were to be touched by one tiny hair you would be in excruciating pain. though the leaves are poisonus the berries are not, but risking getting stung just to pick a few berries probably isn't the best idea. There is an account of a milatary officer using a   Gympie'Gympie leaf for (Toilet purposes). The Gympie'Gympie stings like acid. and the pain can linger over years and it's the worst when your in water. People say "once stung never forgotten" Les Moore was stung on the face several years before and he says "I think i went into anaphylactic shock". the stinging go away through the years and come back a very long time after. Make sure to stay away from this plant!

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