A Psychological Theory on Why People Flip Water Bottles for Fun

July 7, 2017
By KevinThePianist BRONZE, Westampton, New Jersey
KevinThePianist BRONZE, Westampton, New Jersey
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You probably have seen it or even done it yourself, flipping water bottle to see if it lands on the bottom. The first few times might really fun and addictive to the point where one might keep doing it over and over again, until your parents or your teachers start to become annoyed and urge the flipper to stop doing it.

Have you ever wondered why we flip these water bottles psychologically? To me, flipping water bottle can be compared to the intake of drugs (weird comparison, I know).

If you remember what your learned in health class or other science classes, taking illegal drugs such as opiates etc releases hormones such as serotonin that stimulates your senses and makes you “high”.

I believe flipping water bottle triggers the “happy center” and releases some chemical AKA “happy chemicals” whenever one manage to land it on its bottom. This effect works best when surrounding people exclaim the feat of landing the bottle on its bottom. On occasion, the brain’s happy center might get a big pay-day where the flipper throw a water bottle against a wall and it lands on its bottom. “GUYS, DID YOU SEE THAT??” his friends will be exclaiming at the seemingly impossible feat he has just done, and he will feel good about it.

So what are you waiting for? Gather some friends and start flipping that bottle!(I know I’m a nerd).

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