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Paisley, Pink, and Corduroy...

describing clothes from when I was a boy.

Skipping, Hiding, Being Bold...

those things from boyhood sure seem old.

No Homework, No School...

I'm nobody's fool.

Every kid wishes for that once in his life,

especially during a hard time or strife.

It's too bad that people think the way they do,

No Church, No Hopscotch, No Captain Kangaroo...

Where did it all go, all that wasted time?

Was my younger life even worth a dime?

Sometimes I wish I could go back there, back then,

but all I can say now is "I remember when..."

Will it ever come back? Will it all fade away?

It seems so long ago, yet so close to today.

Do kids get the quality time that they need?

Will children die off or will they plant a seed?

There's only one way to tell, only one way to know,

because time will come and time will go.

Our memories will always stay the same,

while our childhood will have seemed just like a game.

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i love this so much!


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