A Time To Let Go MAG

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   In the course of our lives, everyone will encounter a time when they must face an inevitable goodbye, whether it be through death or the complications of personal relationships. For many, this experience can be overwhelmingly painful, causing extreme anguish, fear, or grief. For the fortunate others, who truly understand the nature of happiness, pleasurable recollections are treasured and bring great joy. These people realize the most beneficial solution for avoiding a painful departure: it is achieved by smiling with contentment for the joys experienced in your life, just as you might stare at the beauty of a setting sun when you know its glow will eventually fade into the horizon, but its image will remain infinitely secure and alive in your mind. For the wonderful experiences and friendships in our lives, like the beauty found in nature, we should not let be forgotten. The blissful memories of our past help to revitalize our souls in desolation; placed in our hearts and minds, the eternal influence of those we knew is carried safely forever.

Therefore no one should fear an impending separation; one must learn to let go, to move on, because life is a series of relationships ending and beginning - like the cycle of nature itself. Just as the flowers of spring are far more appreciated and cherished after the desolation of winter, one of the most rewarding occurrences in life can be found in the discovery of a new relationship or experience, especially during unhappy times. Consequently, an inevitable goodbye should not be dreaded, for like the season of winter, oppressive loneliness and frigidity will eventually thaw with the warm happiness of pleasurable recollections of the past and optimistic prospects of the future. So when the time of departure approaches you in your life, do not be afraid to let go, for new experiences await ... just let go. n

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