Starving Children

June 2, 2017
By AllyChapin BRONZE, Benton, Pennsylvania
AllyChapin BRONZE, Benton, Pennsylvania
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There are many problems in the world. One that I find really important is starving children. Children do not deserve to live in fear and sadness. I think that children should be happy, strong, active. Not starving, sad, and weak. I find it very important to make a change. To help children and families who have no money and access to food. Dying of starvation is horrible, and nobody should go through that. I believe that people who are better off need to help assist others who have no chance and opportunity. I watched many documentaries, and read many books on starving kids and families. During those documentaries I noticed how much those kids cherish and appreciate everything. It was beautiful to see people who had hardly anything, be so happy to have such little. It really showed me that I should appreciate everything I have, and help others have more. The children and families in those shows were so appreciative to just have a little bit of food. It was a beautiful thing. I feel very strong about people helping out others in need. I think that everyone should work together as a team, so no one has to suffer. Everyone should have enough food to live, safe clean water, a safe shelter, and a good life. In my lifetime I would like to be able to help a lot of children and families to live good lives, with enough food and water and supplies. I have seen a lot of people struggle and they definitely don’t deserve it.

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