Speeding...Is it worth it?

March 24, 2009
Speeding… Is It Realy worth it?

One of the biggest things that really grinds my gears is excesive speeders. The way they shove the petal to the metal to get just one space ahead of you. Weaving and dodging through the traffic to get there only a few seconds before you, and screaming at the people who honk at him. It’s a problem and one that should be fixed for not just their personal safety but also for he safety of others

The U.S department of transportation did a study on speeding and proved that a person going 60 and a person going 50 will arrive only seconds apart because of all the traffic and cars. You may even pull up next to them at a light later on thinking ”Hey that’s the guy who flew by me about 10 minutes ago!” So that just proves that it isn’t going to give you an extra 30 minutes for work or get you on time if you have 2 minutes till your shift.

Another thing is that you’re endangering the people around you in so many ways. First, the people around you are going to be very angry honking horns and giving angry gestures which can cause accidents because no one is paying attention to the driving! Plus in those kid infested neighborhoods where people go 55 through the streets there are kids, dogs, and bikes everywhere! Those kinds of accidents are the ones everyone wants to avoid because no one needs that stress. All of these things can be avoided if u just stay within the reasonable limits. All you are really saving is just a couple of mere seconds to get where you so desperately need to go.
Now there are some people who say they were in an emergency and I can agree with that but it depends on what the emergency is! For example, if your kid is dieing in the back seat, then go get there fast but if your kid broke an arm or any injury where he is not in serious trouble or risk , or if you personally just don’t feel good, then just chill and go with the traffic

I was driving with my family home from olive garden one day and took a glance to the lane beside me when I saw the unthinkable. A man I call now speedracer was flying by the stop light when of course it wasn’t green and smashed right into another car! Speedracer couldn’t even spare a couple seconds and ramed straiht into another car and believe me that can ruin your day.

Speeding… It’s risky business these days and all it causes is trouble. You can hurt yourself or others like speedracer. Or you could have a neighborhood accident and that’s somewhere no one would like to be. Its dangerous and unnecessary and should never happen unless there’s an emergency.

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