When You Don't Believe in Yourself

March 26, 2009
By daisha colvin BRONZE, Lakeview, South Carolina
daisha colvin BRONZE, Lakeview, South Carolina
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selena was a girl , always different from every body else. nobody really undersood her except for me.at first she was ver nice and i could trust her but then things shifted.she stated to go down this dark path that nobody could et her out of. she portrayed herself as gothic , but there were several occasions when she told me that she was anything but.she told me that the real her was a kind and caring person, but that never showed. one day she had called me on the phone preparing to kill herself. i had to talk her out of it , but not with lies. i had told her tha whatever you are going through just try to forget about it, and just think about the positive. i also told her that she shouldn't let peer pressure and other people's thought's about her get into her way , and only care about what you think about yourself. she didn't kill herself , instead she thanked me. and since then we have remained friends.

The author's comments:
a friend who was in a time of need.

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