May 18, 2017
By abucher BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
abucher BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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There’s something about the stars that have always made people feel a sense of hope.  The vast deepness of space that we cannot comprehend gives us hope for what could be.  For if there is an infinite number of stars in an infinite number of galaxies in an infinitely growing universe, than just about anything can be possible. 

Of course, then there are some that can only feel a sense of dread when they think of how much there is out there. In a thousand years we will still not have explored even the smallest fraction of the universe. Even with the most advanced technology and the brightest minds, there is no way to explore a universe that is continually growing and changing and expanding upon itself. Every day, new stars are being created from the dust of stars that have only just died, but we will not know because it is hundreds of lightyears away.  In this universe, how can anyone make a mark if the universe carries on without our knowledge? How can we matter if the our knowledge is so limited in the grand scheme of things?  We will never be able to fully comprehend our own world, so how should we be able to understand one another?

But then, there is beauty in such vast space. The stars bring us hope, the hope of exploration, the notion that there is always more we can know.  We are comforted by the realization that new stars are created from the old, and that though our time may be brief, we may still have an impact on the younger generations. There is so much out there for us to explore, to learn, to realize, and though this may seem an inadequacy to some, to many it their only hope.

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