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The Cat Ripper

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In London, UK there is a madman dubbed the Croydon Cat Killer or Croydon Cat Ripper. This person kills cats using blunt force trauma to kill them, like a car or throwing them against a wall. The killer then is said to wait for the blood to stop flowing then he mutilates the bodies. Most of the time he cuts off their heads and tails but there have been cases where the bodies have been cut in half or have legs and paws cut off. Some of cats have been found to have raw chicken in their stomach showing evidence that this lunatic lured the cats away from their homes with food and then killed and later mutilated them. The killer also leaves the bodies in places that their owners will see them, like driveways, gardens, and even a few near childrens playgrounds.

I believe that this psychopath should be caught as soon as possible. He has already killed over 250 cats. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl), and the police have been conducting post-mortem examinations to confirm that the deaths are linked.  This  should also be caught because previous serial killers that targeted humans were found to have shown animal cruelty in earlier years. This could mean that the Cat Ripper could go on to kill humans. If we can’t catch him when he is killing cats it could be more or equally difficult to catch him if he starts killing humans.

The police are doing everything they can and the RSPCA has offered a £3,000 reward for information leading to the capture and conviction to this maniac. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(Peta) and Outpaced are offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to capture and conviction. A petition was started to do DNA testing on some of the bodies but the tests found no human DNA on the bodies. This doesn’t mean that the cats weren’t killed by human this just means that the madman responsible wore gloves while committing the crime. Some people believe that he derives pleasure from seeing people find their beloved cats dead. This suggests that he has a mental issue and should be put in a mental care facility. It’s not normal to derive pleasure from other’s pain.

He should be caught because animals should not be subject to this kind of psychotic behavior and should be protected. Many of the families had had the cats for over ten years and the cats were family so it was like losing a family member when then saw their cat dead and mutilated on their driveway or in their garden. In one case two grown men over thirty burst into tears when they found out that their cat had been slaughtered. 

He has been committing atrocities for over three years now. The first body was found in 2014 and have been found continually into early 2017. As far as we know this will continue on for the foreseeable future until either someone finds significant evidence or until the lunatic dies. The police don’t even have a suspect list to go off of. I feel that we should do anything that we can to stop this person and put him in jail for as long a possible which sadly might not even be that long (6 months) since he is killing animals and not humans. This individual obviously has some mental issue. One of the reasons he could be doing this is because he was raised in a very kind home, or didn’t have much control over anything. This would mean that he is killing the animals to find some sense of control over his life.  If he was doing this in the United States he could be facing up to eight years in prison. In extreme cases he could be facing 60 years in prison. I hope you feel like I do and do what you can to catch the Cat Ripper and stop the terror in the London area.

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