Me Right Now

May 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I have 4 siblings, 2 brothers, and 2 step siblings, a step brother and sister.  I also have a half brother that lives in New Mexico.  I like to do all sorts of sports. Right now  I am doing hip hop and volleyball.  I like to serve in volleyball. A lot of people in my family did volleyball like my grandma, grandpa skip, mom, and dad.  I have brown hair and eyes, and  I am short compared to my friends.  I turned 14 on March 4th and I am a middle child. My family is a huge disney fan so we do a lot of disney things like, the Disney cruise, DisneyLand and World, and disney hotels. I love to bake and draw all types of things. My grandma and I love to bake cakes and cookies, we love to make anything really. One of my grandmas, grandma red, loves to draw and her drawings are amazing. Everyone in my family thinks I got my love to draw from her. The thing I love to draw the most is skulls. Drawing any type of skull from a regular skull to a skull candle even a skull melting. I find them amazing to draw. I am in advanced art here at mountain trails, I love this school and it is different then my old school so I like it. I love my best friends because they  have my back no matter what the problem is. Ever scene I was little my parents love to take embarrassing pictures of me and my brothers. Sometimes it's funny but it’s a little annoying now. But overall I love my friends and family with all my heart.

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