The Letter

May 15, 2017
By Tford420 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
Tford420 BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Dear Oblivious Cops That Didn’t Listen,


Have you ever felt the hairs on your arms stand up, or like there is someone else in the room just staring at you, but nobody is there? If you step foot in my house tonight, know that you are being watched. The hairs standing on your arms are standing for a reason. The voices that you hear, I hear too. They can tell when you get scared, so try not to. The more scared you get, the worse they’ll believe.

To prove I wasn’t crazy, I asked my friend Dylan to stay over.
“So do you still want to come stay at my house for the night?”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re just exaggerating,” said Dylan.
“Alright, you’ll believe when you actually feel like you’re being followed.”
“Whatever, man. I don’t care.”

Later that night when Dylan walked into my house. I could tell he felt weird and uncomfortable as his facial expression went from content to worried, but he didn’t want to show his fear. At school earlier that day he acted like he wasn’t scared of anything. He could tell something was up in my house.

Later that night we were in the basement playing Call of Duty when he jumped out of his seat and turned around
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“Did you hear that?” asked Dylan.
“Yeah, I told you. I hear everything you hear.”
He was slowly realizing that I wasn’t joking after a mysterious voice stuff does happen in my house.
In a deep rumble of a voice we heard.
“Get out and never come back or else.”
“How often does stuff like this happen?” asked Dylan.
“Stuff like what? Hearing voices?They are always around. They just wait until it gets later. That’s when they actually come out.”
“Oh come on. You gotta be kidding me> Nothing will actually happen. I probably just heard the pipes or something.”

Later that night the TV turns off randomly as I reached for the remote in the dark room. The room is silent as Dylan gets the chills as it gets extremely cold and the hair on his arms stick straight up. As soon as the tv turned back on and lit the room back up I could see the fear in his frozen body waiting for something to grab him.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Do you feel that?” asked Dylan.

I didn’t realize until the next morning when Dylan told me what he experienced that he felt a hand on his shoulder and something was whispering into his ear telling him, “If you don’t leave now we are going to kill you.”

As the night went on things got worse and worse. The lights turned on as I started to fall asleep and I heard Dylan yell and jump up. I turned around to see blood dripping from his nose and his lips bleeding like he was punched squarely in the face. We look at each other in fear knowing that it’s only going to get worse as the night goes on. We started walking up the stairs as he falls down the stairs onto me and we roll down the stairs. We get up and realize that there is no way to get out. We should have gone when we were warned. We went back downstairs to see on the wall “It’s too late now.” scratched into the wall.

We sat down in silence trying to think of a way to get out now. Dylan knew that I wasn’t kidding when I warned him earlier. I decided that maybe if i acted like I’m climbing out the window I’ll be the main concern which would give him time to run upstairs. As I told him we heard the creak of the door at the top of the stairs. Knowing we were home alone we knew they heard our plan, but we didn’t have any other plan.  We had to follow through. What else were we going to do.

So I jump up the onto the couch reaching for the window right above it as Dylan made a run for the stairs. Simultaneously the couch that I was standing on flipped, throwing me across the room so hard that when I hit the wall, the picture frames fell and shattered. The door slammed shut in Dylan’s face.I saw a dark figure at the base of the stairs looking up at Dylan.

“Dylan are you okay?” I asked
“Do you see that too? He asked
“Yes act like it’s not there and nothing will happen,” I told him.

As I said that I had this shiver run down my spine as the dark figure rapidly turned his head towards me and showed me his bright red eyes. At that moment I realized we weren’t going to be killed. We were being taught a lesson. The ghosts in my houses wanted to be respected and the only way they knew how to gain respect is through fear. We had to play by their rules. We couldn’t leave so we had to wait it out and never act like they are not there.

“Wait, he wants you to show you something”

A random voice came from the other room as we both froze in fear the dark figure walked up to us and pointed to the wall.The writing was gone from before but there was something much more terrifying on the wall. “Get out and never come back”

So we did just that we ran as fast as we could up the stairs out of the basement and out the door and just keep running until we we here.

“So you’re telling me you were attacked by ghosts in your basement” Said Officer Richard

“Yes sir and we came straight here so you can stop them.”

“Alright kid we’ll send someone over to check out just meet us over there.” Said the officer

We ran back to the house and stood outside for hours waiting and then went back in the house to see if it was gone. We soon realized that what was there before is still there. The doors slam shut as you hear all of the locks simultaneously lock. We run for the windows, but by the time we get to them couches and chairs and every piece of furniture fly towards the windows as if they were thrown. Now that the doors are locked and the windows are barricaded we knew we were done. As the lights all turn off leaving us in a black room. 


Dark Shadow With Red Eyes That Killed the Kids

This was the letter we saw on desk in the basement of the house 333 West Chadderton Drive. After reports of screams and loud bangs coming from the household. We went in the house to find to young boy’s body parts scattered throughout the house. All body parts were found except the heads of the two boys.

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