Balance in America

May 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Freedom and security should be at balance with each other. This is a very controversial topic but it’s a real topic that we have to talk about. There are a lot of instances in which freedom and security aren’t in balance when they should be. Now as sometimes security should be more important than freedom for the most part they should be balanced to have a good system going with your country. Now these next instances I’m going to talk about are just times where they could be unbalanced.

When getting a job, employers have the power to go through your social media and see what you do. Even though you shouldn’t post stuff that you don’t want to be seen by certain people on there, it is still an invasion of privacy. “Companies are performing social media background checks” (Carr, Pg 1). This is unbalancing and creates an unbalance between freedom and national security. People act differently on social media than they do at work and in real life so they shouldn’t be judged for a job based on something they did a few years back or just on social media in general.

The entire population could be under surveillance. If it’s true then this “Freedom” that we all know is gone. We all shouldn’t feel like we are being watched by the government at all times thinking of that just creates a really unsettling feeling. However it is just a leak and may not be true it very well could be.” It covers phone calls, It covers emails, It covers texts and it covers search history”. This creates an unbalance and isn’t good for society to think that they are being watched over by the government. Even though it is just a leak if it’s true it is not right and shouldn’t be happening people should be free to live their lives not constantly be under surveillance that’s just wrong.

We have a lot of security at airports which is good. This is one of those things where its just a perfect balance like peanut butter with jelly. Even though you have to go through so much stuff just to get onto the plane it is all worth it because your safety is guaranteed because no one can make it onto the plane that could cause harm but obviously stuff still happens but not as often as it could happen. In the cartoon on page 1 you will see that a man is going through a metal detector and the security guard is saying “Basically we felt it was a natural progression” (Markstein pg 1). This is an exaggeration of the airport security. The airports take a lot of precautions before allowing you on the plane this is one of those things that are balanced so its ok for the security.

So overall there are like 100 areas where security goes overboard in America but there are a lot of situations where they don’t. That then provides us with kind of a balance between the two which is really good for our society today. But there are certain situations where it is ok for the 2 to be unbalanced yet there are also situations where it isn’t ok for the 2 to be unbalanced and it would actually be better if they were balanced. It’s alarming that we even have to talk about this.

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This is a piece that I wrote about security in america

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