Weapons of the Vietnam War

May 12, 2017
By Anonymous

“Vietnam carried war to a whole other level of complexity and ambiguity—militarily, politically, and morally,” states Oscar “Ed” Gilbert in the preface of his third and most recent “Marine Corps Tank Battles” book.One of the most common infantry weapons used by U.S. troops in Vietnam was the M-60 machine gun, which could also be used as an artillery weapon when mounted or operated from a Helicopter or Tank.IN the Vietnam War the us used Tanks,Rifles,and Aircrafts to successfully to defeat the Vietcongs.


Aircrafts that was used in the vietnam war in the 1960’s.The us military did not use just planes they also used Helicopters as well.The US Air Force and the navy uses the F-4 Phantom and the F-14 Tomcat to fight the north vietnamese Mig-17 and the Mig-21.This is important because it supports the vietnam war and the weapons that were used in the war. And it tells what happened during that time in the 1960’s. In addition the Mig-21 was a high performance aircraft used to attack enemy fighters,enemy ground troops and enemy bombers and transport planes.The bell UH-1 Huey was used to transport troops in Vietnam and also was used to provide gunship support.This is important because the vietnam war was the second war that had helicopter warfare and it shows why we have helicopter in the military today.Aircrafts that fought in the vietnam war in the 1960’s.

Description of the rifles and machine guns in the Vietnam War.For example the M-16 was the rifle that was mainly used by the US army in the vietnam war. The AK-47 was the assault rifle mainly used by the north Vietnamese army in the vietnam war.Another example is the M-15 and the M-1 was also American weapons used in the war.The chicon type 56, and the simonov-7.62 was russian weapons used in the war.This is important because the concrete details provide information the talks about what was used and why it was used in the vietnam war.In addition the RPD-7.62 lught machine gun was a light machine gun the was carried around or set down as a mounted machine gun or a support troop.For example type 24 tripod mounted 7.92mm heavy machine gun was a heavy gun used to provide support or destroy non armer transport of mg vehicles or kill a bunch of troops.This is important because these concrete details provide a lot of history and information about what was used and why they were important.Essay paragragh about the rifles and machine guns in the vietnam war.


Tanks that were used in the vietnam war.For example the T-55 was a main battle tank is a five wheeled tank. It had a dome shaped turrets and had a machine mounted on top.It was used by the north veitnamize army.
Another example is the M48 patton is also a main battle tank the was the replacement of the M47.This is important because the information had great evidence on why these tanks were used in the war.For example the type 63 was a light tank that was the north Vietnamese's version of the Soviet Union tank the PT-76.Another example is the M41 bulldog was a light tank that entered the war in 1951.The bulldog was in honor of general walker who died in 1951.This is Important because the concrete detail support the topic of the essay.It descrebes what was the reason and when the tanks entered the war.The types of tanks that fought in the vietnam war in the 1960’s.


In the war of vietnam the us army,navy,airforce,and marines used tanks,aircrafts,and rifles to fight the north vietnamese army.The reasons why I wrote this essay is because I want to encourage readers to read more on the vietnam war.

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