Taste of Style

May 9, 2017
By Anonymous

When I was a little kid the first food I got introduced to was spaghetti with marinara sauce.  Spaghetti was easily the most fun I have ever had with food considering slurping the solid strings. Every time spaghetti was served to me my face would be so messy with marinara sauce afterwards. My Dad showed me the trick with the fork where you spin it 360 degrees and you could easily get a lot of spaghetti wrapped around it. Still to this day I get excited when I have spaghetti for dinner because it just reminds me of all the fun experiences I have had with this food. All the laughs I would share with my family because of me slurping the spaghetti through my mouth will never leave my mind. People that will ask me what is your favorite food for dinner, and I would respond saying spaghetti because of how fun and enjoyable it is to have. Pretty much every time I order or go out to a Italian restaurant I will order spaghetti with marinara sauce.  The word that best describes the tone I am trying to achieve would be jovial. I choose jovial because it means happy, and that is exactly how I feel when I eat spaghetti. It is just such a happy moment when I have spaghetti because of how much fun I have when having it which then translates to happiness. In conclusion that is why I choose jovial as my word for this tone because of the happiness that is shown when having this wonderful meal. 

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