Popular Rebellion MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The different channels flip by, each with but a split-second to capture my attention, lest it be discarded as boring. None completes this task, so I go through the sequence again, this time stopping at that ever-so-popular station dedicated to playing music videos 24-hours-a-day. What's on it now? A commercial, closely followed by another commercial. And another. Now, it is the news. Save the environment. Support the Democrats. Find out who your favorite musician is sleeping with. Everything I need to know. Finally, the news ends, and, after four more advertisements, the videos start.

First, a little number by a popular alternative band. They really are rebellious, using loud music with distorted guitars to send a message about the lead singer's girlfriend leaving him. And they dress like rebels too. They have long hair and rags for clothes. After that video, a tune from some mainstream band comes on. I don't like these guys. They play loud music with a distorted guitar; all they ever sing about is the lead singer's girlfriend. And they dress like losers too: long hair and rags for clothes. Why don't they rebel? The commercials return, and the channel flipping begins. n

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i love this so much!


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