Behind the Scenes Pups

May 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen a person being served by a service dog or rescued by a police dog? Have you ever had to flee from a herd dog? There currently are more of these working dogs than any other domesticated dog in America. These hard labor dogs are not your common pooch; they are trained differently than other dogs. These dogs can be more than a house pet. These dogs can even perform helpful tasks that are needed all over the world. The types of dogs that are most famous for their helpfulness are service dogs, police dogs, and herding dogs.
Isn't it amazing to think service dogs could be so useful to kids in our community who have special needs? Service dogs can come in many different breeds. They are not just Labradors or Golden Retrievers since they can even be Chihuahuas, Poodles, or Pugs. These awesome dogs should possess soft and fluffy fur giving the child something to grab hold of. Friends of our family have a service dog. Her name is Mae. Mae not only helps keep watch over the family’s children by following them, herding them out of harm’s way, she also alerts the parents with her bark if the children are in trouble. Mae acts as a friend and playmate for the kids. Service dogs may not only act as companions, but also as caretakers. These loyal dogs are quick to submit and may also locate or lead people to safety.
Officers dogs may be strong, but most of the time they are employed for their sense of smell. They can sniff out dangerous chemicals from a very far distance. This is important for several reasons. Dogs that are trained to sniff for weapons and chemicals are important in places where terrorists might want to hurt the public. The dog’s sense of smell works better than cameras or x-ray machines. Also, dogs are trained to smell for drugs that are illegal in our country, drugs that can harm people. These dogs are very valuable. Participating in many drug busts, these dogs are capable of tackling the meanest villain. These fantastic pups are usually found in big airports safety controlled by their handlers, searching for weapons. Also, these dogs are capable of taking the meanest villain. These heroic police dogs attack by pouncing on their opponent and finding a tender spot, and then finally diving their sharp pointy fangs into the thief. These dogs have been known to smell out drugs, and to also protect people nearby, and far away. There are so many different breeds for these vicious creatures such as the German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher.
Herding dogs work day in and day out. These dogs work by running up and down fields protecting and gathering animals. They delight in performing their job just as much as most dogs delight in playing in their own backyards. They most often work to protect a flock of sheep or lambs. These innocent fluffy animals happen to be very tasty to wolves. However, the hero of the farm, the herding dog, has the ability to keep them safe. When a curious lamb escapes, this dog of the farm is responsible to track it down and bring it back home. Border Collies are an excellent example of a sheep-saving dog. Border Collies have long flowing locks; these ravishing dogs are extraordinary to look at. These dogs truly are wonderful and very useful to many people all over the world.
All of these little workers have earned a special place in America’s heart, just by continually being helpful. After a long day’s work these huggable creatures need good families to be there to feed and pet them. This position is filled by the parents of the sick child, the officer in charge, or the farmer. There are many different domesticated dogs, however, these dogs rise above them all. How incredible to think that a dog could save someone's life. These service dogs may look ordinary, but they excel in very specific and complex tasks. Have you ever been to a police station? If so, you must have seen the white teeth of their Doberman Pinscher. We don’t tend to see the countryside herd dog very often. These dogs, however, are very necessary; they are the backbone of most situations. Without these pups we would not have safe and happy sheep. Service dogs, police dogs, and herding dogs look just like your common dog: long tails, floppy ears, wet noses, hairy eyebrows, and happy loving eyes. Instead of being the same, though, they actually have the power to save lives. Of course, you can still snuggle with them the same way you would any other dog.

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